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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level programming language, sometimes also called a scripting language. It is used on both server and client-side but mostly used on client-side. It is used to write dynamic programs for web pages to make that interactive. Javascript helps in the calculation, manipulation, and validation of the data on the web. HTML and CSS are counted as markup languages and both can help to make the page dynamic but very limited. Javascript helps to make the web pages dynamic at an advanced level. It is also called JS as an abbreviation. It can be used with any HTML…

What is Confusion Matrix?

It is one of the approaches to find the accuracy of a trained Machine Learning model. It helps to find the accuracy of a model based on binary classification. As the name shows, it is really confusing to understand so it is called Confusion Matrix. It is basically a 2 * 2 matrix, that contains some numerical values. Each of its columns has its own meaning and importance. So here I am going to discuss one by one all those 4 cells of this matrix.

  1. TN (True Negatives): This cell contains the number of the predicted…

What is ML (Machine Learning)

Machine Learning is one of the domains of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which applies a mathematical function to make a machine intelligent. ML is a broad field and it has unlimited scope. DL (Deep Learning) comes under ML and it is a more customized and advanced version of ML. Usnig ML to train a model we must need two things:

1. Real dataset that can be used as historical data from which the model will learn.

2. The predefined libraries, module, and methods those were developed by the developers to work on ML.

In this blog…

What is Openshift?

OpenShift is a family of containerization software products developed by RedHat written in Go and Angular.js . Red Hat OpenShift is an open-source container application platform that also incorporates a collection of software that gives us the ability to run an entire Kubernetes environment. It works around the Docker containerization and the foundation of OpenShift is Kubernetes. OpenShift provides us an online platform as Soos (Software as a Service). It is also a type of managed service. If someone wants to learn Openshift, she should have basic knowledge of Kubernnets. All the complex things are wrapped or hidden by OpenShift.

What are the advantages of OpenShit?

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool that helps the developers to develop code, test it and deploy the software with automation. Automation pushed the manual processes of software development and testing. It is written in Java and works on the concept of CI/CD Continuous Integration and Continuous Development. It is also called an integration tool. It integrates so many development and testing technologies and it is treated as the core of the DevOps technologies. For the integration of different technologies, it has many plugins that can be installed. Eg, GitHub plugin, AWS EC2 plugin, etc.

Why do we use Jenkins?

It is really very very…

Network: It is the well-established connection between two or more nodes or systems or computers for communication. The communication may have any reason. Like the send and receive the data, resource sharing, etc.

There are a few prerequisites that needed for the communication between two devices:

  1. Wired/wireless connection
  2. NIC (Network Interface Card) in both the devices
  3. IP addresses on both the sides
  4. Network name
  5. Switch or router

Wired/wireless connection: Usually, we have ethernet cables to connect with LAN, and it is an example of a wired connection. …

Deep learning

Deep learning is the area of artificial intelligence and also a customized part of machine learning. Deep learning works on deep neural network and its fundamental block is neuron. It is completely inspired form us, humans. So, we can say “Artificial intelligence is the intelligence given to the machine by the humans”. As we have all connected biological neurons inside us we are expecting from the machines.As these neurons help brain to take decision (intelligence), similar expectations we have from th machines. …

Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) is a distributed message queuing service. Amazon has launched it in 2004. It is called distributed because it manages the message queue service for other services. Eg. microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications, etc. In the definition, there is a term message queue, it is something like a database (not exactly) that stores the message send by the sender to the receiver in the queue format (producer and send will be a good example). It stores the message for at most 14 days and the days can be customized as per the need. It helps…


The developer creates applications every day and makes changes in that existing applications as well. Just imagine a situation, there is a big E-commerce company and has millions of clients. Currently, the application is working good and the developers and trying to change the user interface of that application. If they are trying to make changes on that original file or somehow the code would not be perfect the clients will suffer and it may be that company lose their clients as well. Also, the company will lose its social belief. One more limitation can be like if they…

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What is Kubernetes?

The name Kubernetes was originated from Greek, which means helmsman or pilot. It is also known as K8s, this abbreviation is derived by replacing the eight letters of “Kubernetes” with the digit 8It became open-sourced by Google in 2014. Simply, t is a tool used for managing the containers. After the Docker technology introduced the things became easy but managing the Docker container and managing it was not an easy task. Google was the first company who found this problem. Just think about a case, what will happen if the container at a place will fail because of the hardware…

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